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Hi all,

We'll what do you think?

Higher seemed a fair paper in general, some pupils were confused with the very wide biosphere 6 marker though, and the methods of learning about past climate changes which isn't on the spec anymore even though we did cover it....


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My Students were completely confused with the biosphere question. Another ridiculously worded question that even I (as their teacher) struggled to understand what was required. 

What about the severe lack of case study questions? I am unsure whether these exams are written by people who actually teach Geography

I thought the paper was pretty fair. There's always the awfully worded questions to act as a curve ball to separate your A*s from your Bs. I'm guessing the threats to 'conserving' the biosphere are the same as just threats to the biosphere. E.g. logging, cattle ranching etc. Would be surprised if they were expected to think even further outside the box.

I've just realised the question could have been threats 'of' conserving the biosphere (not got paper with me). In which case I have no clue what the answer should have been!

The question asks:

Examine the threats to conserving the biosphere?

What does that even mean? No clue on what they are looking for.... The general feeling is that the students struggled to even understand it.

"Examine the threats to conserving the biosphere?"

Very poorly worded. 

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