New Edexcel B GCSE Geography

Creating a new course together...

As I have stated on another thread, I have started teaching new Spec B to Year 9 - last term did the plate tectonics bit etc. - very similar to last Spec so resources in place (and I happen to be writing this chapter for one of the textbooks so have that as well).

Next I am doing People and the Biosphere (again, I am writing this chapter, so have that at least as a guide).

But not sure what to do after that. Anyone done / doing any other topics and have developed resources etc to go with it, that would be fantastic [unfortunately obviously I can't share my resources as they are copyrighted].

Considering going with the Development Dynamics SoW on Edexcel website... see 

Anyone done this already and can give any feedback on how well it worked?

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Hi Kevin

I have taught the development dynamics topic for new 2016 GCSE and had gone well. Some revisions needed for lesson plans but generally good. Have also taught a challenges of urban world (almost at end of this) and likewise has gone well. Can share some resources/ideas/sow if you like?
That would be excellent Stephen :)
I would "owe you one", and I am someone who repays their debts... :)

Hi Kevin, Stephen,

The rest of the Schemes of Work for all topics are due on the website this week which should help with planning and ideas of resources. I'll send out an email when they are live. 

I hope this helps.

Jon @Edexcel_Geog

Hi Kevin

Quite happy to send through the SoWs for restless earth (now written) and challenges urban world. Can you send me your number email address via dm on Twitter to @shrichards11 and I'll do the rest by the end of the day.


Please find attached a copy of a flyer I produced to try and encourage students to GCSE geography B. It might prove to be handy for those that have options evenings coming up.


Thanks for sharing this Nick! 


Has anyone actually started planning yet for the new Spec for Sept 2016?

Sure have Damian. The "getting ready to teach" event last week in Birmingam was very useful - have you been on one?? 

No, just recently been appointed as "Head of Geography" starting in Sept.  So I need to get my teeth into planning, resources etc...

there are a few courses left before the end of term


I've produced a fully resourced SOW for this unit, based on activities that have worked well in the classroom before.  You can find it here, contact me if there are individual resources you'd like for free. 

Hi All, 

Just wanted to know if anyone had any resources on the UK's changing human landscape unit? I have been planning our new units and so looking for ideas/inspiration. 

Many thanks in advance. 

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